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Achievements of DACARTUR employees

Employee training is one of the important competitive advantages of a company in the 21st century.

The program of continuous training, advanced training, development of employees is of great importance for increasing labor productivity. It affects the morale and level of professionalism of employees.

The company "DACARTUR" has formed a permanent, long-term employee training program. This improves the efficiency of the entire company.
We strive to develop the maximum set of professional qualities in each employee, we strive to create a comfortable microclimate in the team. We conduct team building, trainings within departments and subdivisions.

List of seminars and trainings passed by the company's employees:
- Business seminar "Lean production"
- Business training "Working with customer objections"
- Business training "Tough negotiations"
- Business seminar "Four management skills"
- Business training "Training trainers", 1 module
- Practical seminar "Internet, IP-telephony, CRM-systems for the growth of the company's income"
- Business training "The work of the sales department"
- Business training "Customer orientation"
- Master class "How to achieve the impossible?"

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